Who We Are

Jodi’s Epic Tale:

Let me introduce myself, I’m a happy wife of 29 years to my amazing hubby! We have a lovely brood of 5 kiddos, 7 grandbabies, and two four-legged furry darlings. Nestled in a quaint town in southeastern PA, we’ve made it our home for over a decade.

Life took a sharp turn in 2017 when I was in a ghastly car accident. A speeding driver crashed into me while I waited to merge and caused serious injuries. Recovery took years and countless surgeries, but I finally felt ready to dive back into the working world in 2019. I landed a gig as a customer service rep at a paper plant where my colleagues and I bonded over our love for wax melts. But, things took a sour turn when our fave supplier stopped stocking their yummy products, leaving us with few options. And so, I had a brilliant idea: “How tough could it be to make my own wax melts?” After weeks of tinkering with all sorts of ingredients, I finally nailed it! Although, my initial attempts were not the prettiest.

But, practice makes perfect, and with time and quality ingredients, my little hobby blossomed into a full-blown business idea! We’re proud to offer a range of top-notch products to our customers and plan to keep expanding our selection. Here’s to many more years of creating sweet-smelling goodness!