Our Wax Melts

Our wax melts are handcrafted and hand poured in the workshop here at Owls Roost Melts & More. They are made of premium ingredients. A quality para-soy wax is melted down to a pourable temperature at which time premium scents and colors are added. Our proprietary blend of para-soy wax and premium fragrance offers our customers a stronger and longer lasting scent experience. The wax is then poured by hand into the 8 cell clamshells you see pictured above. Great for offices and other places where burning a candle is not Ideal. Our wax melts can be used with all types of warmers. We do recommend melting our waxes at a higher heat to get the best performance from our wax melts. You can achieve this with a wax warmer that has a heat plate or using at least a 40 watt bulb in a wax warmer with a light bulb. Each clamshell weighs 4+ ounces with 8 breakaways pieces. Just add one or more pieces to your melter and enjoy the aroma without the worry of a flame.

Disclaimer: All products are handmade, so variations in size, shape and color may occur.