Our Wax Melts

At Owls Roost Melts & More, our wax melts are meticulously handcrafted and poured in our workshop using premium ingredients. We start with quality wax, melting it down to the perfect temperature before adding premium scents and colors. Our proprietary blend ensures a stronger and longer-lasting scent experience for our customers.

Each wax melt is carefully poured by hand into 8-cell clamshells, making them convenient and easy to use. Perfect for environments where burning candles may not be ideal, our wax melts can be used with all types of warmers. For optimal performance, we recommend melting our waxes at a higher heat level.

Our clamshells contain 4+ ounces of wax, with 8 breakaway pieces in each. Simply add one or more pieces to your melter and enjoy the aroma without the worry of an open flame. Experience the delightful scents of Owls Roost Melts & More in your home or office.

Disclaimer: Please note that all our products are handmade, which means variations in size, shape, and color may occur. We strive to maintain consistency, but these variations are part of the charm and uniqueness of handmade items. Thank you for understanding.