Black Flame Candle (Type) – House Blend Scent


It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus , right ?


Is it all just a bunch of hocus pocus, or is there something truly magical about this fragrance? With notes of fresh air, mint, lemon, apple, rose, lily of the valley, Canadian fir, eucalyptus, and clove, these melts transport you to a realm of fragrant wonder. And with bottom notes of patchouli, amber, sandalwood, crackling wood fire accord, and musk, the enchantment never ends. Experience the magic for yourself and let your senses be captivated.
And the cherry on top? You can snag these mystical melts for just $7, or score 2 for $12!

Plus, every two melts purchased earns you the “2 For” discount. Choose one heavenly scent or mix and match – check out all our enchanting aromas at the link below:

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