Nice Bar Soap



Shh…what have we here? A little birdie told us you’ve got a gift tucked in your stocking! It’s none other than a 4 oz bar of soap – ooh la la! Now, we won’t judge whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year, so no need to worry about that. Let’s talk about the real gift here: a tantalizing scent that’ll make your nose tingle with delight! Think sweet crystals, cookie dough, and creamy vanilla – yum! And for just $10, you can indulge in this holiday treat without breaking the bank. Even better, grab two for $18 and spread the love! So, go ahead and give yourself a little gift this season. Santa would approve!!

No matter if you’ve been a little devil or a perfect angel, we’ve got the soap to match your vibe! Follow this link to our naughty bar.


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