Road Trip



Hey there, bargain hunters! Listen up! You can snag one of these amazing scents for only $7. But wait, it gets better, because we’re feeling extra generous and offering 2 for just $12! It’s like a perfect chance to mix and match and find your perfect scent!
Think of a wild road trip down Route 66, cruising through the desert with these awesome notes wafting through the air! First, get lost in the aroma of cactus, woods, and musk, mixed with the sweet scent of cactus blossom and a hint of sea salt. Then, let your nose lead you to the fruity middle notes of raspberry, orange, and coconut. Finally, wrap it all up with the sweet scent of peach, vanilla, and sugar.

And hey, don’t stop there! We have tons of other amazing scents to choose from too!


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