Wake Up Call – 10 oz Bath and Shower Dust



Life is a topsy-turvy ride, and sometimes we hit snooze and other times we press the gas pedal to the floor. That’s where Wake Up Call comes in, like a trusty copilot on our daily adventure.
This zesty and zippy blend gives your mind a turbo boost and your body a jolt of energy. So, when you’re ready to take on the world, Energy Boost is your partner in crime, helping to keep your brainwaves charged and fatigue at bay.
With a kick of Lemon, a punch of Black Pepper, and a hint of Sandalwood, this blend is like a pep talk in a bottle.

Plus, it’s versatile. Use it solo or add it to your bath routine with a dash of epsom salt or clay for next-level pampering. And guess what? It’s not just for baths! Add it to your shower and let the aroma take you to paradise. Trust us, your nose will thank you.

And guess what? You can snag a jar for $10 or grab two for just $18! So, mix and match to your heart’s content and enjoy the savings at checkout!

And hey, why stop at just one delightful scent? Check out our full range of awesome aromas that’ll have you feeling like a million bucks!


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